Trying to fade new tattoo...?

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Two days ago I got a tattoo that I'm really unhappy with. I am going to get it covered up with something else but I'm wondering until then, maybe I can fade it so that I have more freedom figuring out the cover up design. Someone suggested that I expose it to a bit of sun to help fading...another person said I shouldn't because it will damage the skin. Does anyone have any knowledge about that? Also- what about not moisturizing or scrubbing a bit harder when I wash it? And should I wash it more often? Any other ideas would be appreciated....thanks




  1. use polysporn !

    the original kind..

    i used it on mine to help heal it, and it made it fade to really light in three days, i have to get it re done.

  2. The safest way to fade your tattoo is soak in the bathtub. It draws out color really well.

    Do not scrub your tattoo harder. You will just end up causing it to get infected if you don't let it heal.

    Honestly, soak. Soak for like.. a half hour to an hour each day.

    (Make sure that you are taking care of it though.. you still need to make sure that it heals correctly)

  3. Don't moisturize it at all... a lot of the ink will come out with the skin that peels off...not great but it should help a bit.

    OHHHH...and you can put vaseline on also draws out the ink (since it is oil based)

  4. don't moisureize and try going out in the sun.  UV rays fade the ink.

    wait until the tattoo is smooth before tattooing over it and go new a new parlor and check out their credentials and past work before sitting down in the chair.

  5. Vaseline...neosoporin (sp?) are good for fading but you need to take care of it until it completely heals. the worst thing is for it to get infected. no real tattooist will cover it up until its completely healed as to avoid spilting the skin. after the area appears less "shinny", then you can plan to cover it up. BUT until ur completely sure that you want to cover it up, think about adding to it. maybe its not so bad after all!

  6. i know someone who didn't moisturize it at all and it peeled almost all the way off.  

  7. Take care of it regardless if you like it or not!!!!


    You risk damaging your skin, and then it won't be coverable it all... the hardest tattoos to cover are ones that were done too deep or improperly cared for... do your best to care for it... a good tattoo artist can cover anything.  

    And as far as time, It takes anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months for the skin to completely recover, depending on the amount of trauma and size of the tattoo.  Take care!

  8. oh my god please dont scrub it!!! all you will do is make yourself sore! a tattoo is a permanent thing, not something you can just wash away. you need to take care of it..its still new. just look after it, and let it heal. then get something designed to cover it up, which you are 100% happy with. scrubbing it or applying these lotions etc will not do anything!!  just play around with a design you like and go get it covered up when you can.

    seriously, you will be able to sort it. dont worry for now, just look after it. x

  9. Dude. i would not worry about fading it so soon. The most important thing is to look after it. You dont want to have a design you dont like AND messed and scarred skin. It will make you hate it more. Just look after it, wait a while (maybe it comes out better than you think later) and if you still dont like it then cover it with a design you LOVE.

  10. Stop! Do not actively try to ruin your tattoo. All you will end up doing is causing infection, tattoo blowout (the lines fuzz), making the image harder to cover up when the time comes, and prolonging the time it takes to heal.

    You cannot get a cover up until it is completely and totally healed - smooth to skin, and doesn't hurt when you bump it, hair has grown, and a few months have gone by.

    Also, you are having a panic reaction, that is not based on what your existing tattoo is going to look like when it has healed. Past the 1st 12 -24 hrs. your new tattoo isn't going to look at all how it will end up looking when it heals. It will go through phases: swollen, red skin around lines, lines much darker than they will be when healed, lines looking like a Sharpie drew them, it will flake, and peal, and it will get a milky film on it, it will get shiny, and then slowly it will settle to the healed tattoo.

    You will make a big mistake, and will cause yourself unnecessary problems if you do anything other than excellent aftercare. Don't put petroleum products on it, don't expose it to the sun, don't pick at it, don't scrub wash it, don't put products with fragrances or dyes.

    Be mature and do what you are supposed to do. And while you are waiting for it to heal properly, reflect on what you did to get yourself to where you are, and carefully consider your actions and decisions after this. If you got the tattoo in a hasty manner, trying to s***w it up with that same frame of mind is just going to make things worse and prolong the agony.

    Force yourself to do the adult things here, not what your age and your peer group advise you to do.

    Trust me on this. Take some time and answer your questions at this link:

    Do the right thing in the proper manner, and you will head down a road that will lead you to a place where the results will reward you.

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