Transfer Rumors: July 26th 2010, Ozil to Arsenal or United, City eye Torres

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Transfer Rumors: July 26th 2010, Ozil to Arsenal or United, City eye Torres
According to The Sunday Times, Arsenal and Manchester United have both informer Werder Bremen to keep them updates on the situation of their play maker and German midfielder, Mesut Ozil. Ozil is quite possibly going to be available for sale for as low as ten million pounds. Ozil is still on vacations since the completion of the World Cup but is rumored to want to tell the club that he does not wish to renew his contract when he gets back, so that he may join one of Europe’s elite clubs.
According to The Sunday Times, 'Barcelona and Real Madrid are keen on Ozil but he is merely a back-up target for each of them with Barcelona focused on Cesc Fabregas and Jose Mourinho's priority being a box-to-box player with defensive capabilities. Chelsea admire Ozil but are closing on an alternative target, the Brazilian Ramires, priced at £20m by Benfica, leaving the way clear for United and Arsenal.'
Manchester City have gone public with their interest to sign Fernando Torres once again. According to numerous recourse Manchester City have confirmed that they are willing to break the British transfer record to land their man. City are reported to be willing to bid fifty million or more on the striker who has been silent about his future at Anfield. Roberto Mancini is quoted to have said: "Torres is one of the best strikers in Europe and is already playing in the Premier League for three years and knows it very well. But it depends on his situation - his price and whether he wants to come."
"There are two or three strikers that we could go for, but it is the same situation as it is with James Milner. First there is the price and then it depends if the players want to change team. Until today, Liverpool haven't bought many players."
According to the Daily Mail, Ashley Cole is still persistent on wanting to move to Real Madrid despite Carlo Ancelotti’s insistence that he does not wish to sell the left back under any circumstance what so ever. However if Cole insists that he does not wish to continue playing for the Premier League winners then, Chelsea will have no choice but to let their man go. Real Madrid are looking to sweeten up the deal even further by offering Rafael van der Vaart as part of an exchange for the player.
Arsenal are apparently willing to pay as much as fifteen million for Everton’s centre back Phil Jagielka. But due to injuries at Tottenham both Woodgate and King are set to miss the start of the season this term and hence Tottenhams manager, Redknapp is looking to move in on Arsenals deal and try and steal Jagielka from under Arsene Wengers nose.
Wenger on the other hand has shown a new surge of interest in signing Ajax’s goal keeper, Stekelenburg since negotiations over the possible transfer of Schwarzer to the Emirates have stalled.



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