The whipping episode takes its toll on Hanagan who grieves over the misery of Richard Hughes

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The whipping episode takes its toll on Hanagan who grieves over the misery of Richard Hughes
According to many colleagues and racing partners it is really high time now that Richard Hughes has been charged of whipping the ride, More Than Words at Kempton more than what the British Horseracing Authority really allowed. This is a second time in a
matter of just a few days that the top jockey has been viewed with accusing eyes.
Before this he was pinpointed due to the same offense at Salisbury for being hard on Swift Blade during the final furlong and consequently crossing the set limit of five whips. It was during this race that Kieren Fox was also caught and suspended for ten
days on the same grounds.
The companion in the contest for the flat racing champion jockey, Paul Hanagan is upset with what has been brought onto Richard Hughes due to the intense pressure of the ban. Paul Hanagan is the Champion Jockey 2010 and confesses that having competition
like Hughes is what makes it all the more exciting and truly worthwhile.
"Make no mistake, there will hardly be a jockey with a licence who won't have sympathy with Richard Hughes and I, for one, understand his frustration”, said Hanagan.
"I can assure you that in all the time I've been riding the atmosphere in the weighing room has never been so bad, there's a cloud hanging over it”.
According to Hanagan the rule is not balanced, the labeled ‘offense’ according to BHA is not in proportion with the penalty that the Authority has decided for it, the two are just not aligned with each other. He further added on that implementation and monitoring
of this rule is easiest perhaps as it only requires vigilance while watching the race to count the whips.
"But in the heat of a race, especially a big one, there are plenty of other things to think about as well as the number of times you've used the whip. I've been practising since before it came out and I do find it difficult”.
The BHA really needs to rethink on these lines as discouraging and frustrating the very people who ‘drive’ the sport cannot work for long and will eventually lead to the industry suffering further.



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