The real life game clue?

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I want to do something crazzy fun for a party where you half todree up and become a charictor,the game clue. not the board game the one where you read the script and acuilly act it out. you know the whol mystery would I find a game,is there a game like that?




  1. there were several games like what you are looking for back in the 70's/80/ was How to Host a Murder and it came with instructions and its fun for everyone. Check out any game store in your area, they can steer you in the right direction. Have fun!..

  2. I'm going to list three web sites for you to check out.  They have game packages that range from the low $30 (US dollars) to the high $60 range.  Games are rated for your convenience for instance; pre-teen and up.  Choose the game genre (like pirate, medieval, western, etc), age of players and the number of people you want from around 10 all the way up to 50!

    The sites will give you lots of information on how to play, what to expect and if special costumes or props are suggested to up the fun a little.

    Have fun!

    There are other sites besides these, but here's a good start;

  3. You should learn how to spell before you try and tackle a task such as this.  

    Crawl before you walk.

  4. they have clue books, maybe you could just borrow one of the stories. you could make scripts from the book.

  5. It is a mystery party game. There are several on the market.

    If you put in Mystery Party Game into Amazon it will pull up several boxed sets that include the scripts and everything inviatations and all.

    I have heard they are fun. T

    There was a Fraternity (can't remember which university) who used to hose a James Bond mystery party game and the people had a blast doing it. I believe they had to dress up as James and his lovely cohort and then they had to use the clues they got to find where the party was.

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