The Formula One quintet gets tighter

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The Formula One quintet gets tighter
1981 was one of the most unforgettable seasons in Formula One racing. The chase for the title was so close that fans were left biting their nails till the last race of the season. The top five drivers were heading towards a photo finish with just a difference
of seven points. Yes! That’s true!
Imagine the thrill and drama when super stars like Alain Prost, Carlos Reutemann, Alan Jones, Jacques Laffite and Nelson Piquet came to the arena for a brutal battle of pace and velocity. At the end of it all - Nelson Piquet made his mark as the winner of
the season after a series of action packed races. Fans had dubbed the season as "one of the most exciting and awe inspiring seasons in the history of F1". The last 29 years were stale if compared but this years' season promises to be an exciting one.  
The 2010 season has witnessed an exciting fight for the title, with only five more races left in the kitty. Yet, one cannot call anyone to be the strongest man on the track. After every race, the probabilities are changing so dramatically that analysts and
race gurus are surprised.
The top five drivers for this season only have a difference of 24 points amongst each other. The top position has been marked by Mark Webber from Red Bull Racing at the last round in Monza at the Italian Grand Prix. Webber is the only man of the season who
has been successful in winning four races so far and has bagged a total of 187 points all together.
Lewis Hamilton from Team McLaren follows Webber at the second spot, shy of just five points from the leader. The British driver bagged the first victory of the year in Turkey and was able to grab another victory right at the next race in Canada. He thus
occupied the top place in the standings, stripping Webber from the top slot. He had his third race win last month at the Belgian Grand Prix.
At the Italian Grand Prix last week, Fernando Alonso crept to the third spot in Ferrari’s F10, putting 167 under his belt. Alonso has had a clean start to the season as he has won the season opener at Bahrain. However, the season kept unfolding poorly for
him after that until the German Grand Prix, where once again, he was able to stand at the top of the podium though his victory. The team was accused of team ordering and was slapped with a $100,000 fine. The last race held at Monza had further strengthened
the position of the Spanish driver as he bagged the third victory of the season.
The other strong contenders for the title this season include Jenson Button of McLaren and Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull - currently stationed at fourth and fifth places respectively with a difference of just two points.
Button, the title defender, has scored 165 points including his two victories so far. He was lucky to get his first win of the season in Australia at the second race of 2010.  Later he claimed his second victory in China during the month of April. Till now,
Vettel has won two races at the Malaysian and European Grand Prix’s.
With five more rounds yet to go and with such competition at hand, one cannot help but wait for the action to unfold.



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