Tan Boon Heong optimistic for better results with new coach Yoo Yong Sung – Badminton news

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Tan Boon Heong optimistic for better results with new coach Yoo Yong Sung – Badminton news
Malaysia’s Men’s Doubles top shuttler, Tan Boon Heong is optimistic for better results while playing under the supervision of the newly appointed Korean coach, Yoo Yong Sung, who has recently joined the national squad of doubles.
Boon Heong and his partner Koo Kien Keat have been suffering with humiliating defeats from the hands of un-seeded and lower ranked opponents in major events in the world of badminton. Many critics say that they are mentally weak, which is the major reason
of their bad performance.
They have been playing under the supervision of Rexy Mainaky for almost five years. However, they were not satisfied with the coach and sent a request to the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) to let them train with Pang Cheh Chang, instead of Rexy.
The BAM accepted their request and they started to work with Cheh Chang. Nevertheless, their two consecutive failures in the Denmark Open Premier Super Series 2011 and French Open Super Series 2011 have once again proved that they are not improving at all.
Boon Heong, who has never seen Yoo Yong playing and has never trained under him, is hopeful that the Korean coach will bring a positive change and the duo will perform well in the upcoming events.
He said, “I never got the chance to watch Yong-sung play, but he has qualities that we lack and we can definitely learn from him, especially in bolstering our mental strength. Communicating with him may be a problem right now but I believe that where there’s
a will, there’s a way."
He also added, “It was his first day yesterday and we had a discussion with him and the other coaches regarding our problem. I will discuss the matter further with Kien Keat to come up with a new game plan to improve our play.”
Boon Heong and Kien Keat are currently placed at the 5th spot in the Men’s Doubles world rankings. They desperately want to get back on the right track for finding a better seeding in the 2012 Olympic Games. Now, the shuttlers need to produce
immediate results as the mega event is just 10 months away.



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