Shahrukh Khan wanted to hit Chris Gayle but couldn’t manage it

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Shahrukh Khan wanted to hit but couldn’t manage it
Kolkata Riders’ owner, Shahrukh Khan, claimed that he tried to hit the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) batsman, Chris Gayle, but failed to do so because of his height.
The West Indian player made his Indian Premier League-4 debut against KKR and smashed a terrific ton, taking the game away from the opposition.
Shahrukh had a lot of respect for Gayle and praised the flamboyant cricketer by saying, “There is no one player who plays against any team, except Chris Gayle. He is a monster. I tired to hit him on his face but couldn't manage to because of his height.”
KKR had scored a decent total of 171 runs in the 24th game of the cash rich tournament against RCB and were favourites to win the match. However, Gayle was in devastating form and turned the match into a one-sided affair.
The Caribbean dynamite smashed 102 runs off just 55 deliveries and finished the match with 11 balls to spare. He struck 10 fours and seven massive sixes in the innings and remained unbeaten.
The thunderous knock by Gayle was appreciated by the entire KKR team and even Shahrukh walked over to the hard hitting batsman, congratulating him for his effort.
Kolkata has not yet qualified for the play-offs and they will be facing the Pune (PWI) in their next match of the tournament on Thursday, May 19, 2011.
Commenting on the upcoming game, Shahrukh stated, “It is a match. We don't play individually, we play as a team. I am not tensed, but I am worried. Earlier, at Bangalore, our match was curtailed due to rain, so I felt bad. If we get a chance to play
a full game then we will hopefully win. I hope we be in the semi-finals.”
Shahrukh also clarified that he didn’t invite to the party at his home because it was only meant for the KKR team. He further stated that anyone would have come to the party, had he given an invitation to them.
There were reports that “King” had invited Ganguly to the party, but the former KKR player refused to attend.



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