Serena Williams just a title away from clinching 50 career titles – Tennis News

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Serena Williams just a title away from clinching 50 career titles – Tennis News
Reigning world number one, Serena Williams, is just a title away from marking yet another milestone in the history of tennis. She clinched the third successive title at the Family Circle Cup in Charleston on Sunday when she rallied
back from a set down to beat the fellow former world number one, Jelena Jankovic.
In an enthralling three-setter, the Serb star clinched the opening set but the tables were turned upon her in the second phase. In the final battle, both players fought until the last point and it was a very close victory for the
 15-time Grand Slam Champion who is just a title away from registering a half century of professional level trophies in a career. She will be the 10th player in the history of tennis to reach that landmark.
While conducting a post-match press conference, Williams confessed, “I felt so close in that first set. I felt like I could have been up 3-0. She was playing really, really well, but it was just a shot here, a shot there, and she
played really well in the big points. And I had so many opportunities that I missed. She took advantage of all of that, and she went on to glory in that first set. After that I just got really relaxed and was like, 'Serena, you have to chill out and not get
crazy and if you win, great. If not, you're trying. She's playing really well. Just try and do the best you can.'”
She is the number one player in the world and enjoying her time at the tennis courts. She has been invincible in the previous season; lost just six matches in the entire year out of which three of them were injury-forced withdrawals.
She won two Grand Slam titles, the Wimbledon Championships and the US Open, in 2011. She rounded off the previous season with a victory at the Women Tennis Association year-end finale in Istanbul.
Williams started this year in an emphatic fashion. She is aged 31 at the moment but still going strong and will probably not end her career in the foreseeable future. The next tournament for her might be a memorable one considering
that she will be the hot favourite to win her 50th career title.



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