Ring collapses in World Heavyweight Championship match at WWE’s pay-per-view event Vengeance

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Ring collapses in World Heavyweight Championship match at WWE’s pay-per-view event Vengeance
The WWE Universe witnessed “Vengeance” the most destructive pay-per-view segment in the WWE as the fight between the World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry and the World’s Largest Athlete, the Big Show resulted in the ring collapsing last Sunday at the AT&T
Centre in San Antonio, Texas.
The World’s Largest Athlete was set to face the World’s Strongest Man, Henry in a World Championship bout that ended in a shocking no contest. Henry still remained the World Heavyweight Champion.
The bout was set between Show and Henry when the World’s Largest Athlete returned to Friday Night SmackDown on October 7, several months after being inducted into the Hall of Pain by Mark Henry at Money in the Bank. The SmackDown General Manager noticed
due to these attacks that there should be a title match between both colossal grapplers.
It was the only way for the World’s Largest Athlete to take payback from the World’s Strongest Man by capturing his World Title at Vengeance. The World Championship bout began before the WWE Championship match between John Cena and the Champion Alberto Del
The biggest WWE Superstars outshined through their bout with the determination of being successful in the fight. The Big Show proved in front of the WWE Universe that Henry’s Strongest Slam was not powerful enough as Show kicked out on two counts.
Similarly, the World’s Strongest Man also gave the World’s Largest Athlete one of the major thrashings of his life when he successfully kicked out of a brutal choke-slam over the top rope for a two count.
In the end, the WWE Universe was shocked to see the massive grapplers lying on the collapsed ring from one side after the World’s Strongest Man super-plexed the World’s Largest Athlete over the top ropes. The effect of those submissions was heavy enough
that both giants could not continue.
The WWE Universe witnessed the huge power of the Big Show when a stretcher was not big enough to carry Show. The Emergency Medical Trainers called the motorized cart out to take the Big Show. The World Heavyweight Champion was barely able to walk out of
the ring at the AT&T Centre.  



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