Poland holds off South Korea for 3-0 victory in Pool G of FIVB World Grand Prix – Volleyball news

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Poland holds off South Korea for 3-0 victory in Pool G of FIVB World Grand Prix – Volleyball news
Chinese city Foshan hosted the opening match of Pool G on Friday, which brought Poland and South Korea in competition.
Polish team proved its superiority and stamped 3-0 (25-17, 25-16, 25-22) win over the Korean counterparts. Victory helped Poland to improve to 2-2 record in the 2012 FIVB World Grand Prix.
On the other hand, South Korea dropped another chance to break the ice and stayed without a win after four matches.
Izabela Zebrowska played an important role in Poland’s success. She contributed match-high 14 points and led her team to victory. For South Korea, the trio of Han Song-Yi, Yang Hyo-Jin, and Kim Hee-Jin added 10 points apiece but it proved to be a failing
effort for them.
Poland got off to a good start in the match, while Koreans had trouble in receiving shots from the opposite side. Frequent serve errors caused more damage and pushed Korea behind in the early half of the set.
Meanwhile, Poland showcased great consistency in attack and picked up two-point lead at 8-6. Koreans could not bring any change and failed to catch up with the Poles. Eventually, the first set of the match came successful for Poland with final score of 25-17.
Success in the opening stanza set a clear direction for Poland. The Polish ladies hit confidently and added a flurry of points in second set. They put pressure on Koreans with fine delivery of shots and also locked them at low score with solid defence. Everything
seemed to work for Poland but Korea remained in the blues. With better attack and defence, Poland secured second set at 25-16 and extended its lead to 2-0.
Koreans played comparatively better in third set and tried to save the match but Poland crushed their hopes by sending 25-22 on board and declared match victory.
“At first congratulations to Poland. They played very well. They deserve the Victory. Last year we beat Poland with the score 3-0, this time we lose. Poland has some experienced players, who have strong abality. But our team has four injured Players and
we have too many faults in serving at the first of the match. So we losed the match,” said Korean coach Kim Hyung-Sil after the match.
Poland coach Alojzy Swiderek seemed totally satisfied with his team’s act. He said, “In this match, our team’s attacks and blocks are strong. That is the reason we win the match.”



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