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so as i posted my ex and i were going out to dinner bc she is leaving for rome to study abroad... we did and it started out awkward but then she was hanging out and we ended up having s*x at the end of the night. even worse is the next day i went to her house and we cuddled and kissed. We went right back into our old ways making food (cooking together) and then just having a fun time… she said she has been thinking about me a lot- whether she misses me as a friend or a bf. She said she always learns by making mistakes not by being told…idk what my next move is she is studying in rome should i go and surprise her since she wears the promise ring i gave her and said that it was her favorite thing I gave her???...... what should i do??




  1. Yes Yes you should go and surprise her. She will thank0you and show that you care about her too.

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