Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle speaks of the new inductions in the team – MLB News

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Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle speaks of the new inductions in the team – MLB News
The Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle on Thursday, August 2, spoke about the new inductions in the team as the Pirates brace themselves to take on the Cincinnati Reds in the three-game series.
The Pirates had recently traded the pitcher Wandy Rodriguez, the outfielder Travis Snider, reliever Chad Qualls and first baseman Gaby Sanchez. Adding these players have undeniably emboldened the team.
With these players, Game 1 of the three-game series against the Cincinnati Reds on Friday will be a big test for the Pittsburgh Pirates and will set the stage for the coming stretch of games.
The team manager is aware of the stakes involved in the three-game series.
"We know what's at stake: We're playing the first-place team," Hurdle said. "We're looking forward to that and to playing some baseball. They're a very, very good ball team. The last time we were here, it was an exciting series, and we don't anticipate anything different."
The Pittsburgh Pirates have yet to play 55 more games this season, implying there is enough room for improvement. While the series holds great significance, the Pirates shall have six more games to play against the Reds this year.
However, the Pirates have to consider a lot of things when it comes to competing with the Reds. The likes of Johnny Cueto, Homer Bailey, Bronson Arroyo and equally strong relievers that form the Reds’ bullpen will be a tough challenge for the Pirates.
Addition of Jonathan Broxton, the Kansas City Royals former closer has made the Reds stronger. That too does not go unnoticed when it comes to the Pirates’ manager.
"It's an opportunity for us to take another look at them, now that they've also made some adjustments," Hurdle said. "As for the measuring-stick thing ... in baseball history, there's instances of measuring sticks and when you look at what happened a month later, that measuring stick did not measure up so well.”
When the game kicks off on Friday, the Pittsburgh Pirates will have to take into account the fact that the Reds have a three and a half game lead in the National League Central. Whether they will succeed in getting past the Reds is something to be seen.



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