Pakistan Cricket Board refuses to release the details of the agreement with Shahid Afridi

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Reports of a meeting yesterday, between the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and former one-day skipper Shahid Afridi, were confirmed by a board official, however, comments were reserved as to the details of the agreement between the parties.
 “Yes, we can confirm that a meeting has taken place between the board chairman and, the PCB spokesperson.
According to reliable sources, Afridi has agreed to revoke his petition against the PCB from the Sindh High Court and will appear before the disciplinary committee to face the charges against him.
The disciplinary committee will also impose a token fine on the flamboyant cricketer and will seek an apology, after which, the withheld No Objection Certificates will be issued to the former skipper.
The meeting is said to have taken place after the efforts of Rehman Malik, who wanted an out of court settlement between the parties.
It is believed that Afridi has agreed to the terms since he desperately requires the NOCs to play in
Interestingly, earlier Afridi had turned down offers by the board for a settlement. However, later he agreed to hold a meeting with, in the presence of government officials.
Last month Afridi came under fire for criticising the team’s management and alleging interference in selection during the tour.
The PCB sought to remove him from captaincy after his media outbursts, violating his central contract.
Afridi, feeling humiliated by the board, pulled out of the series against and went ahead to announce a conditional retirement from all formats of the game.
He spoke against the board and the Chairman, Ijaz Butt, in press conferences, which further infuriated the board, which revoked his central contract and No Objection Certificates.
The former skipper then engaged legal counsel and took the matter to the Singh High Court, adamant to fight the legal war till the end.
However, apparently his efforts have paid off and hopefully this settlement can be beneficial to everyone involved.



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