New York Mets’ starting pitcher Johan Santana may not be ready for Opening Day – MLB News

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New York Mets’ starting pitcher Johan Santana may not be ready for Opening Day – MLB News
The New York Mets’ starting left-hander pitcher Johan Santana is still not fully recovered from his shoulder surgery that he suffered in late September of 2010. Earlier in last month, when he spoke in the media, Santana hoped for a good start in 2012 Major League regular season as he added that he is feeling alright and will be available on Opening Day. However the recent comments of the general manager Sandy Alderson have something else for the Mets fans.
He is saying that it is currently looking impossible for Santana to make an Opening Day appearance next season.
Alderson said, “We do have some question marks, of course, with Santana being one of them, we think he’s going to be ready, but he might not be. That’s where the [pitching] depth becomes important. I wasn’t even aware of the loan until [Monday], so it couldn’t have had any impact on the Mets what I’ve done; On the other hand, I’m not surprised at all. With the losses that we sustained last year, they have to be funded somehow.”
Before start of the 2011 regular season, Santana and including his doctors were pretty sure about the return of 32-year-old star whose entire career was on hold due to that very shoulder injury. He could not play a single game in 2011 and stayed away an entire year from the baseball field.
Apart from staying away from the game, Santana never looked down and always hoped for something positive. Appearing on television last week, Santana did claim that he is preparing very hard to make a good comeback with full energy but at the same time he was not too sure that he will be playing as comfortable as he used to play one year ago with the Mets.
This however, does not look good for the die-hard fans of Santana who always expect something extra from his game. His stats though never tell that he had been playing poorly in the past and since his news is coming that he will be able to play soon as the expectations are even higher.



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