New York Islanders eye third straight win as they take on Tampa Bay Lightning – NHL Preview

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New York Islanders eye third straight win as they take on Tampa Bay Lightning – NHL Preview
The present road trip for New York Islanders has so far yielded positive results for them and they are looking to extract more gains as they continue with the trip.
Islanders are now going to face Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday, March 24, 2012, at Tampa Bay Times Forum, Tampa, Florida.
Both Islanders and Lightning are expected not to reach the National Hockey League (NHL) playoffs this season, but they are desperate to register victories in the remaining games of the regular season.
Here is a look at both teams.
They have played two games of their present five-game road trip and won both. The victories came against Montreal Canadiens (3-2 after shootout) and Toronto Maple Leafs (5-2).
In their last game, Islanders went neck and neck with Leafs for the first two periods as both teams scored apiece in each period.
However, Islanders scored three goals in the final period without conceding any to win the game.
Toronto is the hometown of Islanders’ left wing, Matt Moulson, who scored the go-ahead goal and later added another. He said after the game:
"I still get goose bumps when I go out on the ice here. The Leafs were my team from a young age, and my wife was in the crowd tonight. It was the first time she's seen me play (at Air Canada Centre).”
He added:
"Being from Toronto, it doesn't get much better than (scoring two goals and winning)."
Islanders are ranked at 14th spot in the Eastern Conference with 71 points after 73 games.
They are ranked just above the Islanders with 73 points after 73 games.
Lightning have lost six out of their last eight games. In their last game, Lightning defeated Edmonton Oilers to snap their three-game losing streak.
Lightning had a one-goal lead after the end of second period, but Oilers scored in the final to level the score. The game went first into overtime and then to shootout in which the Lightning eventually won the game.
Lightning have been badly struggling on their defence and that could become the reason for their more failures in the season.
Islanders might win the game.
The sum of goals scored by both teams might stay under six.
If Lightning win, the winning margin will be less than two goals.



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