NBA Special Report: LeBron to make his own legacy, not everyone wants be ‘Micheal Jordon or Magic Jhonson’

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NBA Special Report: LeBron to make his own legacy, not everyone wants be ‘Micheal Jordon or Magic Jhonson’
There was a time when sports were not only played to be extremely competitive but to have fun. Some were legends and retired happily, yet there were always those who were on the bench for most of their career and never got to know what it was like to carry the pressure of your whole team, yet were content with their teams and retired respectfully.  
LeBron James was a player who not only had his team on his back but the entire Cleveland, praising him on every bucket he made throughout his entire 7 year career with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the only person in the team who he could count on was Mo Williams. Soon after he decided to depart from the former team, James not only upset his team but his fans and the whole of Cleveland tried to tarnish his whole image. He was called a coward by the Cavaliers owner, his fans burnt his jersey and tore billboards down which featured James. 
Just when everyone thought things were settling down, the basketball God, Michael Jordon spoke. He said “Michael Jordan wouldn't do.....” not realizing this has nothing to do with him and his ego, it’s about LeBron and his future. Jordon and critics have failed to realize, in Michaels era he was provided with an extremely supportive cast including Scottie Pippin and Dennis Rodman, unlike what James had to go through, with a poor team. Cleveland is full of players with low averages; the only player that LeBron only could count on was Mo William, while Pippin and Dennis were astounding players, who were right behind Michael through thick and thin.
Experts say that if LeBron was blessed with a cast of players which Michael was backed up by, LeBron who is already contemplated to be a legend, would have also brought many championships to Cleveland. Let alone Michael Jordon’s son was telling people that Kobe could never be like his father or ever reach that level. However, Jordon’s family fails to realize that their father was no doubt the best player ever to live and basketball enthusiasts cherish him and young basketball players aspire to him but that does not mean they want to be the next Michael Jordon, maybe they want their own legacy.
Moreover Jordon’s best friend and former basketball Hall-of-Famer Charles Barkley gave his opinion regarding the matter and said "If I was LeBron James, I would shut the h**l up.” Experts say Michael still has the right to voice his concerns but Charles Barkley. He might have been a great power forward in the 90’s but that’s where it ends, if Michael is Zeus then Charles is not even likely to be Hercules.
Charles also stated in recent interviews that LeBron will never be the Jordon of his team because he has players like Dwyane, who might be starters for the Heat. Basketball specialists say that Charles need to realize that the chance to play with your best friends and to be without a championship ring after playing for seven consecutive years, yet keeping a scoring average of 30 points is heartbreaking.  
Are former legends scared their legacy will be forgotten? The fact that their trio’s might be over shadowed by the newly formed trio in the Miami Heat by LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chrish Bosh is being talked about constantly instead of theirs?
The critics need to realize that everyone knows Michael Jordon’s legacy and LeBron joined another team to be with players he knows he has chemistry with. He can very well start a legacy, if he stayed in Cleveland for another few years and they failed to provide with him good supportive team LeBron would just be remembered as few time MVP winner and high scorer.
LeBron, Dwyane and Chris trio will have their own legacy, it won’t be Magic Johnson or Larry Bird’s, but it will be theirs. Just like Kobe will be remembered as, the most remarkable player and someone who help keep Los Angeles Lakers long time legacy alive. 



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