Michael Clarke says Phil Hughes needs to regain form – Cricket News Update

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0 LIKES UnLike says Phil Hughes needs to regain form – Cricket News Update has said that opener Phil Hughes needs to score runs to continue playing for the country.
The left-handed batsman has been unable to score runs with consistency since making a comeback to the Test side against in the Ashes 2010-11.
During a three match Test series against, Hughes failed most of the times, but was lucky enough to score a century in the final innings that he played on the tour.
This secured a place for the opening batsman in the two match Test battle against However, he was once again under the scanner for not being able to cope up against a quality bowling opposition.
Just when things looked grim for Hughes, he once again scored a fighting half-century in the final innings on the South Africa tour, cementing a place for the home series against
However, there was no improvement for the 23-year-old, as he failed to post a decent score against the Kiwis even once. Moreover, he was dismissed almost in the same fashion in all his four outings, which might force the Aussie selectors to consider other
Commenting on the bad run of form of Hughes, Clarke stated, “I know he's been working hard in the nets trying to improve that deficiency in his technique and he'll continue to work on that. But he needs to find some runs, it's as simple as that. If he's
not making them for Australia he's going to have to go back and score some for”
The Aussie skipper further added, “There is no four-day cricket now for New South Wales, unfortunately.  We go back and play Twenty20 cricket so, yeah, if that's the case for somebody, people who get dropped from this team, they're going to have to go back
to Twenty20 and score some runs.”
The Kangaroos will now be hosting a four match Test series against at



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