Luca Marrone: “It is time to win the Coppa Italia”

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The Bianconeri midfielder insists that it will be lovely to place the TIM Cup in Juventus’s new Museum; stresses Napoli are a strong opposition and anything can happen in a one-off game.
Luca Marrone is anxiously waiting to play the Coppa Italia final, and insists that it will be delightful to win another trophy to add to the silverware at the newly inaugurated Juventus Museum.
The Bianconeri recently opened a museum at their stadium, and after the Scudetto celebrations they will have a chance to exhibit another piece of silverware at the gallery, if they triumph over the Partenopei in the upcoming showdown.
Marrone remarked on the importance of Juventus Museum, stating that it not only connects everyone with the Vecchia Signora’s history, but also helps the players to realise the meaning of wearing the club’s black and white jersey.
The Old Lady midfielder stated that the trophy section is an especially important part of the museum, and insisted that it will be a great feeling to add the Coppa Italia trophy to the club’s silverware.
While talking to the press, the 22-year-old said:
“This museum represents Juve’s history, it’s something unique and makes you realise the importance of wearing this shirt. The trophy room is truly special and we know we’re playing to fill it even more. We’ll try and win another
Cup in Sunday’s Coppa Italia Final.”
Juventus became the first team in the Italian history to remain unbeaten in a 20-team Serie A season, and a win against Napoli will also make their Coppa Italia campaign, devoid of a defeat.
Marrone insisted that the Partenopei are a stout opposition despite their dismal form in the league of late. The Old Lady playmaker stated that the Scudetto celebrations have been put on hold, and insisted that Antonio Conte has
already started preparing the team for the upcoming challenge.
The Bianconeri midfielder warned his team against complacency ahead of the final, stating that anything can happen in a single game.
“ are a great team, they’re not going through the best of spells, but anything can happen in a one-off game. We’re ready, we’ve put the title celebrations behind us and the Coach has immediately prepared us in the right manner.”
Marrone made just three league appearances for the team in the 2011-12 season, and scored in the last league match against Atalanta.



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