Los Angeles Lakers small forward Ron Artest declines “Dancing With The Stars” offer: NBA Update

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Los Angeles Lakers small forward Ron Artest declines “Dancing With The Stars” offer: NBA Update
Los Angeles Lakers small forward Ron Artest who was in the loop to participate in the famous TV show “Dancing With The Stars” has recently made it known through his social website account that he has declined the offer.
Artest a.k.a. Metta World Peace said in a message left on his social networking website account, “I’m working on my new single. I don’t have time to do dancing with the stars!!! Sorry... But definitely cop my new single coming
About two weeks back, he was considering a move to UK to play in their league only because the BBL team Cheshire Jets had offered him a role in soap opera as a perk. He also received the offer of starring in the reality show “Dancing
With The Stars”, but it seemed that dancing didn’t attract Ron much and therefore he shied away from the offer.
Explaining why he refused to take part in the show, Ron said during an interview, "I just can't dance...They asked me, but I just didn't feel comfortable wearing a leotard."
Another major reason for declining the offer was that Ron was more interested in his single. Besides that Artest is optimistic of doing a role in “couple of sitcoms” and also visit England “for couple of weeks.”
It is expected that Artest is visiting England to conclude his deal with the Cheshire Jets, which earlier was rumoured as dead since Ron’s agent was not satisfied with the $33 million insurance deal offered by the English team
to play for them during the lockout.
However, it is still believed that chances of Ron playing with the Jets are very slim, but Director of the Cheshire Jets Pete Hawkins told that they are still in negotiations with Artest’s agent and lawyers in order to reach to
an agreement.  
Hawkins said,
 “The next few days we need to work really hard. Insurance was always an issue from the outset but we are still trying hard to ensure Ron has the protection he needs to play.”
It remains to be seen how Hawkins and company will convince Ron and his staff, but the Los Angeles Lakers well reputed defender is no short of activities in this uncertain situation that now seems to be stretching into the regular-season
of the National Basketball Association.
Moreover, Artest who didn’t had a good last season with the Lakers (scoring with an average of 8.5 points per game) still had enough fire power and decent career average scoring (14.8 points per game) that can bag him a good deal
in any part of the world. So as far as Ron is concerned there are no worries in the near future.



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