Liverpool's new season; what's in store

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Liverpool's new season; what's in store?
Liverpool is a club with rich history, not just in England but also in Europe. With 18 league titles to their name, and to go with it 5 European championships, Liverpool are by no means a mediocre club. Well as far as history of the club is concerned. Looking at the preset stage, though they are not where they would like to be, however for long the only saving grace had been that they were considered among the big 4 of English football. Last season though saw the unthinkable happen, and they dropped out of the elite top 4 club. In the process they also missed out the chance of taking part in the UEFA Champions’ League. This is not the first time they have not finished 4th in the league. Back in 2005, the Reds also did not manage to finish in the top 4, but luckily that year they were the defending champions of UEFA Champions’ League and UEFA made an exception allowing them to play in the Champions’ League; the rule however has been changed since then. The thing that frustrated the fans even more in 2005 was that it was their arch rival club Everton that managed to beat them to the 4th spot.
Last season it was not just the dismal show of Liverpool that caused them to miss out on the 4th position, but also the fact that the English Premier League is becoming more competitive every year, with number of clubs improving every season and running the top 4 close. In 2009-10 Manchester City, Tottenham and Aston Villa were in contention for the all important final Champions’ League position. As Villa and City stumbled in the final few games Tottenham managed to get there in the end.
Now with a new man in charge, Roy Hodgson has made it clear that the first priority for the club this season will be to get their name back among the top clubs at the domestic front.  It will be unrealistic to think of the Reds as title contenders. Chelsea has been in scintillating form and look good to defend their title. Manchester United on the other hand look hungry to win back the title and become the first club to win 19 league titles, incidentally overtaking Liverpool in the history books, while Arsenal are desperate to end the 5 year trophy drought. So a realistic approach from Liverpool will have to be to get their tag of top 4 back.
Roy Hodgson, the new man in charge has repeatedly said that he has big plans for the club. Now the plans are still unknown to people outside the club, but reports suggest that they certainly are some good ones. After all he managed to convince his 2 big players to stay, Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres were both rumoured to be moving away from Anfield before the start of new season. However after separate meetings with the new manager both said that they believe strongly in Roy’s plans and would love to be part of it.
Rafael Benitez, the former manager of Liverpool spent 6 years at the club, but only managed to win 2 trophies; first one being the all important Champions League in the first season, and later an FA cup. Other than that there was nothing for the fans to cheer about, there was a feeling that his focus was never the domestic front and while trying to focus more on Europe he left the Premier League behind. As a result neither did he get success in Europe and nor did he muster any challenge in the League.
Now it will interesting to see how the new man in charge approaches the new season, and whether Liverpool is able to get back the all important 4th spot or better yet challenge for the title.



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