Kobe Bryant aka Black Mamba’s best dunks.

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Kobe Bryant aka Black Mamba’s best dunks
Kobe Bryant’s has stood his ground ever since he came to the NBA. Despite the minor injuries he kept facing throughout his career the legendary athlete did not stop, kept dominating and crushing whatever player crossed his path. Since 1996 till date Kobe is the only player who has shown a lot of growth as a player and person. His intellect level is beyond anyone present in the NBA, it’s like he knows each time he heads towards the opponents rim what will happen. His uncanny ability to rise from the 2-point line and make dunk over 7 feet tall players is remarkable, many say he reminds them of Michael Jordan.
Here is a list of Kobe Bryant’s six best dunks of his career.
Kobe’s dunk on Latrell Sprewell
Bryant crossed Sprewell, hopped under the net and wind milled the ball right into the net with sheer power leaving the rim in pain. The commentators said “Kobe without regard for human life”. This took place in the 2002-03 season when Kobe started scoring gazillion points and it seemed like nobody in the NBA could come up to his level.
Kobe’s 360 on Denver Nuggets
The whole crowed roared at the scale of 108 when this atrocity took place in the 2002-03 season. It’s one of the hardest dunks recorded in the NBA history. Imagine catching a cricket ball, exchanging it around your waist into your left hand, then jumping into the air while making a 360 degree turn and then make a direct hit to the wickets. That is what Kobe did; instead he put a basketball inside a rim 10 feet high while the defender was right on him.
Kobe’s relentless dunk over Ben Wallace (Big Ben)
After Kobe executed  the sweet dunk with finesse right over Big Ben, not only the Lakers and fans were off the seat, the whole of Washington Wizards stood in dismay. This dunk was much talked about for a long time as it took place shortly after Kobe turned pro in 1997-98 season. The camera caught Elden Campbell and Nick Van Exel with jaws dropped to the floor. Some say this situation is a perfect example to describe the adverb “dunked on”.
Bryant baptized Dwight Howard
In the 2004-05 regular season despite Kobe’s weak left leg, he came in hard and jumped right over Dwight slamming the ball inside the hoop with raw power. Dwight stood there with the expression “Oh No” and all he did was raise his hand thinking maybe Kobe will stop, although Bryant went up like a rocket with his crotch in Howards face. It is known to be Kobe’s worst season as he missed out on the playoffs. This was the very same year when experts thought it was the end of Kobe’s career and Dwayne’s era was soon to begin.

Black Mamba on Kevin Garnett (KG)
This dunk was so volatile it gave goose bumps to the entire NBA nation. It was like Mother Nature struck a big disaster in the league, everyone rose from their seats cheering as the disaster took place. Kevin is one of the most relentless and hardworking power forwards present in the NBA. This happened during a game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Los Angeles Lakers in the 2002-03 season. One could see the Timberwolves” fading confidence, Kobe snatched their spirit away from the team.
2000-01 play against the Philadelphia 76ers.
One of the most remarkable season that Kobe ever played in the NBA, despite being overshadowed by veteran players in the team, and being constantly dictated. However Kobe pushed his way through, executing a perfect Alley-oop over the Sixers. Former Lakers legend Chick Hearn said, one could go to basketball games throughout their life but no one will be able to see such an amazing play reproduced.



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