Kendrick Perkins believes Kevin Garnett will re-sign with the Boston Celtics – NBA News

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Kendrick Perkins believes Kevin Garnett will re-sign with the Boston Celtics – NBA News
Oklahoma City Thunder centre Kendrick Perkins has revealed that he recently spoke with Boston Celtics big Kevin Garnett and said that Garnett was interested in returning to the Celtics squad next season.
Garnett is all set to become an unrestricted free agent in July, and has not yet given any indication about what his plans are for next season. He missed the media session after game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals in which
the Celtics were defeated by the Miami Heat. He was later fined for leaving without talking to the media.
Since the Celtics season finished, there has been no word from Garnett regarding his future but there have been rumours that he is contemplating on retirement. On the other hand, rumours are also abuzz that San Antonio Spurs are
looking to hire his services to compile a frontcourt also featuring Spurs legendary power forward Tim Duncan.
However, Perkins told the Boston Globe that he had talked with Garnett and he thinks that the veteran would return to the Celtics.
“I feel like if he does return to basketball, I think that that would be the team. I heard Kevin say a few times that he wouldn’t want to play for anybody but Doc, so it will be interesting to see. I still think he got a lot more
years in him. He got a lot of love for the game and it would be hard to see Kevin walk away from the game right now,” said Perkins.
Garnett had an amazing season with the Celtics where he silenced his critics by putting up consistent numbers and minutes despite being labelled as ‘old’.
At 36, Garnett averaged 19.3 points and 10.3 rebounds in the postseason, and led the Celtics past the Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference only to lose to the Miami Heat in 7 games in the Conference Finals.
After playing 12 seasons with the Minnesota Timberwolves where he saw a lot of success, Garnett moved to the Boston Celtics in the 2007-2008 NBA season and won a championship ring with them in 2008.
He has seen a great deal of success with the Celtics and seems like he is committed to staying in Boston.



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