Jake Ellenberger collects one-point unanimous win over Diego Sanchez in UFC on Fuel TV1 – UFC news

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Jake Ellenberger collects one-point unanimous win over Diego Sanchez in UFC on Fuel TV1 – UFC news
In an epic clash between two of the most prolific welterweights in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Jake Ellenberger, current world number five, came out victorious unanimously by an inch over Diego Sanchez, the world number nine, and constituted a
prime main event for UFC’s pay-per-view ‘UFC on Fuel TV1’.
Jake and Diego almost had equal stats and each and every critic was unanimous on the fact that it will be a tooth and nail skirmish. As it was predicted, Jake and Diego went head on and did not subjugate each other from throwing even a single drop of sweat
and breathe in the bout.
The three-round skirmish kicked off and Jake amidst the motivational chants of his hometown crowd threw beautiful combination of right and left fists. The first round did not witness much action and both men were careful in executing and throwing their punches
or kicks.
The first round ended when Diego, infamous as ‘The Nightmare’ collected Ellenberger’s two right hands that almost knocked him off his feet. Sanchez also retaliated and threw impressive fists targeting Jake’s face but they were not enough to inflict the same
damage as was received by Diego in the form of a badly injured nose.
The bell rang and both stood against each other for the second round. The five-minute round started with much caution shown from both sides but later on Jake was the one who switched himself to the aggressive mode and started placing kicks and knees in the
appropriate portions inflicting maximum damage.
Diego, the submission specialist, was waiting for the apropos moment to trap Jake, ‘The Juggernaut’, in his vicious submission grip. Sanchez did get a chance but Jake smartly stayed down on the octagon mat and avoided it. The third round was the one that
made the audience stand up on their seats with much fervour.
Diego, as he did in his bout against Martin made a huge comeback and took the fight all the way to Jake. Sanchez threw a huge pile of punches and was able to drop down Jake on the mat. Even on the floor Diego continued his pummelling and the finale round
ended with Jake’s escape from Diego’s vicious pounding.
The bout was honoured as the fight of the night award, interestingly this is the third continuous bout in which Diego has won the above honour and the second in which he lost by just one point. Diego secured 29-28 against Martin and collected the same score
against Jake in his February 15, 2012 engagement.
Ellenberger while praising his hardcore opponent said, “Diego's the toughest guy I've ever fought, and he's a true warrior. He's in it every minute of the fight. It was an honor to fight him.”
Diego is now at 23 wins in 28 encounters and Jake’s resume boasts 27 wins out of a total 32 brawls. The octagon was set up at Omaha Civic Auditorium situated in Omaha, Nebraska.



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