Is this the Worst behaved Olympics ever?

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A wrestler throws his bronze medal on the floor and stomps away.

The Spanish Basketball team mocks the Chinese.,100152

A boxer bites another boxer in the ring.

A chinese soccer player land a low blow on the field





  1. This is the way of the world, my friend.  The whole world is moving more toward hostility.

    When you put too many rats in a cage, choas ensues.

  2. Sports were never the same after it was politically and commercially motivated. Obnoxious athletes should be banned from further competitions as they are not only a disgrace to the sport but also to their country especially in such an event as the olympics.

  3. That is pretty sad. The one who pissed me off the most was the wrestler. I mean come on-he is one of the best of the best and he still is not happy with that? Someone should shove those medals up his wise ***.  

  4. No, there have been other incidents of bad sportsmanship at earlier Olympic games. It's just that we remember this one because it's going on right now. I remember a track star saying that for him, it was only a gold medal or nothing. This was during the games in Barcelona in 1992.

  5. it must be something in the air   lol

  6. This stuff happens all the time. Remember how the U.S. hockey team trashed the dorm after losing in Nagano in 1998.

    There's an awful lot going on here, and most behavior is pretty good.

  7. A boxer bites another boxer in the ring.

    Mike Tyson was there?

  8. accidents happen.

  9. haha. i like this question. you get a star(:

    who knows. everyone's becoming immature.

    give them a cookie and send them to bed.

  10. You forgot Michael Phelps peed in the pool.

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