Is Sam Lufti to Britney like Howard K Stern was to Anna Nichole?

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  1. Great analogy!  And I think the answer is yes...

  2. It certainly seems that way, both of them appear to be more interested in being famous themselves. The claim to care for their celebrity but if they truly did why didn't they get them any help, but the person that really gives me the creeps more than Sam Lufti is Adnan Ghalib, there is just something so suspicious about him... instead of poacher turned gamekeeper it seems to be the other way about with him. he used to stalk her as a paparazzi photographer and then 'becomes' her boyfriend while allegedly tipping of the paparazzi to her whereabouts.

  3. I would say yeah, drug them and then take as much as you can

  4. Yup it would appear to be so...a svengali relationship if there ever was one.

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