Infectious diseases spreading faster than ever: U.N.?

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How many other than me think there is more going on than they tell us?

There are several strains of flu, how do they know which ones to make vaccines for every year?




  1. Didn't the three amigo's just plan their pandemic strategy in Canada? Their psychic must have warned them of the impending outbreak. (joking) Convenient? I don't trust the U.N.

  2. Most of it is in Africa, and the Leaders there are in denial and refuse to let the UN increase medical treatments.

  3. The methods and equipment for testing and identifying different strains of viruses, bacteria, drugs, etc has improved many 100 times from what it was 20 years ago.

    Many of the strains of whatever were at one time thought to be only one to five different strains.


    Olympic drug testing equipment now can identify very small percentages trace of doping.  If an athete takes a medication which has a banned substance in it two weeks before they are tested, chances the will test positive for that substance.

    The same goes for disease identification.

    As for the Flu, Experts on disease control try to predict migration and probability of which strain is most likely to become the most virulent each year and order vaccines to be produced for these strains.

    Good Luck.

  4. There is no TB vaccine, only a TB test to see who has been exposed to the virus or to make sure you are not a carrier. The plague hit Europe and spread like wildfire in the 1500's killing half of Europe's population. Infectious disease is nature. I'm not sure if a new plague came about  how much science could help us. We have better health practices now for the most part, but the world is interconnected with people traveling from one side of the planet to the next in less than a day. Our cities and towns require us to be in close contact with one another on a regular basis. Why worry about something that can't be controlled?

  5. The U.N. is in the business of spreading fear about illness so that they can get more money from the american taxpayer to pay kickbacks to african dictators who then use all the loot they get from the american taxpayers to buy fancy cars and loose big-breasted women and forget to buy medical supplies for their people so they goes back to the U.N. and ask them to get more money from the american taxpayer by telling the american people that illness is getting worse.

  6. I think they are mostly man made in labs to Cull the population, including HIV, I read somewhere on the net that AIDS is brought on by the medication they give you for HIV, who knows? I have trouble understanding why as TB is on the rise did they decide to stop the TB vaccine that has been given for so many years. Why do all the diseases such as bird flu have chemical names such as H5N1?

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