In this Manny episode, who behaved the worst?

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Manny, the team, the fans or the Yankees?




  1. Definitely Manny.  

  2. RedSox management Has no CLASS they let one of the Best hitters in baseball go because he was speaking the Truth. Boston Sucks and does not deserve Manny.

  3. manny's agent.

  4. The answer will ALWAYS be the Yankees

  5. why do u always have to blame the yankees? stop scape-goating them and realize that the problem lies within you, young padawan

  6. typical of boston to treat players this way, remember how they trashed nomar

  7. the team because they always try to make the player look like the bad guy ex. pedro and nomar

  8. Manny, the Red Sox were forced into this by Manny, what he said and done caused him to be traded.

  9. Definitely not the team or the fans- Manny said he loved both of them, but disagreed with the management. I'd say either Manny or the Yankees

  10. The Yankees

  11. manny's just being manny yo

    +what Rick H said....

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