“I would’ve understood had I been sacked from England job”: England Manager Fabio Capello

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“I would’ve understood had I been sacked from England job”: England Manager Fabio Capello
England coach Fabio Capello confessed that he would have completely understood the situation if he was sacked following England’s debacle in the World Cup. However, Capello admitted that he never wanted himself to quit and has publically apologized to all English fans over the performance of the team in the World Cup.
Capello added that he considers himself as a fighter and looks to re-group a battered and tormented England side, which lost 4-1 to Germany six weeks ago. Many considered the manager to be sacked as soon as he stepped onto English soil. However, the FA decided otherwise and gave the Italian the green light to manage England for the Euro 2012 Qualifiers. Capello however expects the unforgiving English fans to boo the players in the upcoming International friendly against Hungry which is to be played at the Wembley Stadium. The Italian has been quiet since his return from South Africa, but finally broke his silence when Capello stated that he was sorry to all the fans that came to cheer the team in South Africa. The manager added that he knew that the fans spent a lot of money and time to follow England in Africa and was therefore very sorry.
The manager claimed that it’s time to look forward to the Euro qualifiers and admitted that it hasn’t been the best of times for the Italian. The former Real Madrid coach added that as long as the team was winning, everyone considers you the best. But as soon as the team starts to lose, it’s all over. The manager therefore stated that its part of his job description to face such changed attitudes. While talking about his resignation after England’s loss against Germany, Capello stated that the instantly had a word with Sir Dave Richards and gave him the power to decide his fate. The manager stated that he had never quit in his career. Fabio Capello expects the team and his fans to move on and look forward to the Euro Qualifiers which are equally important.
England take on Hungary on Wednesday and Capello understood the importance of the friendly. The manager stated that this would be the only game where he can try out some new faces in the English camp as the next international would be a EURO qualifier.
Capello only has the Hungarian game to try out any new players before the Euro campaign gets underway. The manager knows that there are bridges to be built with his supporters.
"I understand the supporters. I think on Wednesday sometimes they may boo but we need the support of the fans” claimed the Italian. The manager expects his fans to boo the English players at Wembley, owing to the crushed expectations of the English supporters in South Africa.
 England was the pre-tournament favourites of lifting the coveted trophy, but looked off coloured and tired, leading to an early exit from the tournament. The manager himself had a lot of confidence in his men because he targeted to lead the team into the final. Only 10 out of the 23 World Cup players have been chosen to feature in the Hungary match, with big names like Joe Cole, Jermain Defoe and David James facing the axe. Jack Wilshere and Kieran Gibbs from Arsenal have made the squad along with speedster Theo Walcott also finding a spot in the squad.
The England manager refused to put the entire blame on the English players for the failure and still believes in them to do wonders in the coming years. When asked whether the squad let him down, the manager stated that the team was in this together and a win or loss is the whole team’s responsibility. The manager claimed that he still has the same confidence in the players and would need to play the EURO qualifier in the same way like the World Cup qualifiers.
The manager ended the statement by saying that he believes the team can win the Euro 2012 as the side has the quality and strength to tackle any team.



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