I am a full time college student and will be getting married?

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on August 1st. I talked to FAFSA and they told me since it is an annual application and the deadline for 2008-2009 is June that I would have to use my parents information and apply single. So now my fiance and I are thinking we may just go to the courthouse and get married and then still have our ceremony on August 1st. Do you know if being married would give me grants? Right now they dont approve me because my parents make to much. My fiance and I probably make around 35,000 a year together. Thanks in advance.




  1. The only thing being married will do is make you an independent where you don't have to put down your parents income. 35,000 is still considered a pretty good amount, so while you still may get some, not a lot..

  2. If your parents are going to claim you as a deduction on their 2007 taxes, it might not matter whether you get married before June 1.  It's going to depend on whether you've made the case that you and your new husband are independent.  Don't despair because even once you get your FAFSA back, you can still appeal to your school's financial aid officer and he/she can rule that you are independent thus making you more eligible for aid.  However, the longer you wait to get your Fafsa mailed in, the longer it takes for them to get it back to you and by then (July) your school will probably have already allocated the good stuff like grants and you'll probably just be stuck with loans.

  3. If you have no kids, it is doubtful you would qualify for the Pell grant even after you get married.  Get married because you want to and are in love and want to spend the rest of your life together!  Not on a  "might" get free money.

    You know, it could be you don't qualify for Pell because you make too much money, not just your folks.  Just a thought.

    EDIT: as an independent studnet (being married) you will be offered more loans.  That will be your difference.

  4. Yes.  But call them up and ask them first.  I don't know what state you live in.  It might make a difference.  I had to wait until I was 25 before I stopped needing to use my parents info.

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