How do i keep my wooden floors clean???

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My floors always seem to be dusty, there are only 2 of us living in the house and the floors are so hard to keep clean and dust free. Thanks




  1. My mother-in-law has wall to wall hardwood. She only uses the original dry swiffer and she swears by it. Her house is always spotless.

    I also agree with the other poster, check your furnace to make sure the filter's clean.

  2. hoover the floors then mop with soapy water,it always works for me.

  3. If you have a forced air furnace, put a good filter in it to stop the dust. Also, you can just damp mop the floor...only takes a few minutes.

  4. It doesn't matter what the floors are made of, you will still get dust. Of course wooden floors are hard. They're wood arn't they.

  5. Your senario is exactly the same as mine. My floors are walnut so easily show up everything.  I have tried the wood wipes but the floor needs loads of effort to buff up after and worse if you use a wipe to remove an individual mark it just leaves a mark a thousand times worse.  I have been using Ciff Wood Cleaner as directed, ensuing mop well rung out and it's just a matter of wiping over, no buffing required. Nice pleasant smell too. In between I just brush and dry mop over.

  6. I use Swiffer Wetjet. Also, sweep a lot.

  7. try keeping your mouth closed- it will stop the hot air which is loaded with dust particles

  8. We bought a wonderful thing from John Lewis.  It has removable paper sheets that pick up dirt brilliantly - and a sort of water reservoir that allows a fine mist to be sprayed out of a nozzle onto the floor.  A bit like the water spray on an iron.  It is designed to give you enough water to shift the muck without soaking the floor (which over time can damage it quite badly).  Anyway, it is designed specifically for wooden floors and it works a treat.

    One point - are your floors made of parquet or are they just bare boards?  If the latter, the gaps between the boards are an amazing source of dust.

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