Graeme Lowdon says Marussia’s 2013 car is on schedule – Formula 1 news

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Graeme Lowdon says Marussia’s 2013 car is on schedule – Formula 1 news
Marussia’s team principal, Graeme Lowdon, has stated that their car for the next season is on schedule for the pre-season F1 testing.
“It's on target at the moment, and in fact some bits are ahead,” Lowdon told AUTOSPORT. “We've got a high degree of confidence. We've got a totally different structure now. This will be our first car that's truly our car in terms of the new people involved.
The car we've just finished with was a full CFD car when we hit the first race.”
Marussia had entered the season ending Brazilian Grand Prix with tenth place on the constructors’ grid but then their rival Caterham reclaimed that position leaving Marussia at eleventh.
“I definitely think this is a top 10 team. We didn't have a top 10 car, and that's something that takes time and money,” Lowdon added.
Lowdon pointed out that the evidence of their performance was clear from their driver Timo Glock’s driving in the Brazilian GP. He said that Glock’s fastest stops were faster than McLaren’s. He stated that other people do not consider these kinds of details
but he knows that the team is stronger and closer knit than before. He insisted that the team has got structure and is based on low cost.
He added that if their car could have the ability to complete quicker laps and from what he has gathered from the development that is the case, then he is confident that next year’s car will be better and nobody can ignore this team anymore. He said that
he has no doubts about this team making it to the top ten despite the results and that he is looking forward to the Australian GP which will mark the beginning of the 2013 F1 season.
Meanwhile, Marussia is presently the only team on the 2013 F1 entry list that has not been offered the Concorde Agreement deal yet. Lowdon had stated that while it is up to F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone, to decide that, it will not affect their participation
in the next season. It is being reported that Ecclestone is omitting the column 3 of the agreement which benefits the teams debuting in 2010.



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