Gaia Online?

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How do u play gaia online. I made an account and i dont know what 2 do next.. Is there a way i can go and chat and meet new ppl?




  1. Try hovering over WORLD then towns then go to directory and pick a spot, once you get there your garunteed to see other gaia users chatting

    Have fun on Gaia!

  2. If you like Gaia, try Xivio.

    Some say that it's a little confusing at first, but you talk to lots of live people to play and make your own rooms, listen to music, and more.

    Xivio is a great site.

    FREE to play, NO downloads!

    Members can explore many rooms in Xivio World, main rooms, other members rooms, and their OWN room. (complete with a lock and a lease.)

    There are MANY items that members can use to customize their avatar "Xiv", and their room. Their hompy (personal homepage) can also be customized with their own background, images, and colors.

    They upload their own music, their own videos, and keep their own personal blog updated.

    They can listen to music in their own room that they create, and let their in world friends listen and visit. Members customize their avatar, and their own room. New items are added often.

    The site has ALOT of features, so when you join take your time, and ask questions.

    Free members and premium (paid) members have the same chances at getting rares and other items. All members are treated the same.

    LIVE games are open to all members, and are hosted almost daily. Scavenger hunts, trivia, word scrambles, and tons more.

    X i v i o

    www xivio com
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