Ford mondeo cd player 6000cd series?

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I am thinking of having the above player out & replaced with one that's mp3 compatible etc etc, but i understand that a special fitting kit will be reqd to replace existing facia. My question is - has anyone had this done and does a new system blend in with existing facia, ie does stick out compared to fords own system ??????. am thinking of a sony player.




  1. Use DVD player in your car and get from

  2. Yes, they look fine - you need one of these;

    I've got one brand new & spare if you happen to be near mid wales!

    (Do I get ten points for actually bothering to answer your question?)

  3. you will find the 6000 is mp3 compatable, by means of plugging a external player in to the aux. socket (check in the glove box) then select the aux button on your unit. might just save some expense

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