Football Update: David Ngog scores the first goal of the season for Liverpool against Arsenal

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Football Update: David Ngog scores the first goal of the season for Liverpool against Arsenal
David Ngog, Liverpool’s striker has insisted that he sees his future only at Ainfield and now as he netted the first goal in Liverpool’s opening Premier League match against the Gunners. He feels confident that he will remain playing on the field at least for the time being.
Ngog scored the first goal of the season for Liverpool and made this season’s debut in the first few minutes of the second half. Even with Joe Cole out of the field because of a Red Card shown to him earlier and with only a ten man squad, they still managed to score against Arsenal.
The match seemed like a sure victory for “the Reds” and everyone was impressed and with the match being played at the Red’s home ground Ainfield, the crowd was going crazy.
Sadly when a goal attempt was made by “the Gunners” striker Chamakh, the ball deflected off the goal post and while “the Reds” goalie was trying to catch it, it slipped out of his hand and went into the box to become an own goal.
This was a pathetic equalizer for Arsenal and even though they kept coming at “the Reds” hard, they still couldn’t score a goal.
Ngog is firm on scoring more goals and proving himself this summer that he deserves to play for Liverpool. He was linked to a transfer to another club this summer, so he is adamant to prove everyone wrong and claim a permanent position with Liverpool.
Ngog commented on the matter by saying that he is happy at Liverpool, he is focused and is trying to do his best. He gave an interview for the clubs official site and said that he is going to work hard.
He continued by saying that he is a striker and is going to score numerous goals for Liverpool. He also said that he is really working hard for all of this and it would be great when all of it will pay off.
He commented on the goal scored against Arsenal by saying that he got a pass from Javier, while positioned in the box and he couldn’t see a lot of solutions to what his next move should be, so he just took a shot for the goal and that’s it.
The second half of the game for Liverpool was played with only a ten man squad, as Joe Cole was sent off because of a red card.
Ngog commented further by saying that when they went down to ten players left on the field, they knew it was going to be very difficult to win.
Still they managed to score and he does not know if Cole deserved the red card or not but Ngog did say that Cole was trying really hard to shine and stand out and work his charm to score.
Ngog is also very pleased with his new boss Hodgson and says that so far it has been really good. He says that Hodgson talks closely to the players and has a lot of experience. He has managed a lot of teams, especially on the top level and for a long time.
Still Ngog was very keen on watching Fernando Torres return to the line up in the field. He commented on him by saying that he really helps the team and is a key player in the match.
He commented further by saying that Liverpool is a big club and when big players like Torres say that they are going to stay with the club, then that gives them a great boost.



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