EPL News: Tottenham Hotspurs sign in Arsenal’s William Gallas through free transfer

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EPL News: Tottenham Hotspurs sign in Arsenal’s William Gallas through free transfer
London based club Tottenham Hotspurs have officially announced that they have signed in the former 33 year old Arsenal defender.
Officials from White Hart Lane have confirmed that the free transfer has occurred after the star was cleared from the medical exam and he will be playing for the Whites this season.
The North Londoners had finally told Gallas that they won’t need his services any more and therefore a new contract wasn’t signed with Arsenal.
The French international has his medical examination on Friday and for now has agreed on a 1 year contract with the club which can be extended if the defender and the board from Hotspurs are happy with his contributions for the club.
Gallas has starred in many other big clubs during his career, for instance; he played in Marseille from 1997 to 2001 and had 84 appearances in which he scored 3 times. From there he went to Chelsea, where he stayed till 2006. Playing for the Blues he scored 12 goals in 159 caps.
Then he came to play for the Gunners till last season and has compiled 101 caps in which he has netted 12 goals. Gallas had his reservations with the new agreement the North Londoners were offering and hence decided to flunk it and changed his club.
The Arsenal board was adamant on their stance for the agreement and therefore negotiations were futile. In the end he left a London club to join another one, one that has a respectable amount of rivalry stored up to be unleashed in matches.
It seemed eminent at the end of last season that Gallas might make a move. Experts believed in the beginning that the move would be to France, his homeland but later on rumours brought out that it was very likely the defender would stay in England and play for an English club.
Gallas’ period with the Blues was quite succesfull at least in comparison to the Gunners. With Chelsea the French international won 2 EPL titles alomg with a League Cup.
Officials from Tottenham have relayed, “We are delighted to announce the signing of William Gallas on a one-year deal”.
The manager of Hotspurs Harry Redknapp has told that Gallas looks in good condition and form and may actually make his debut for the club soon. It is expected that the star will play for Hotspurs in the Champions League qualification stage match against this Wednesday.
Earlier the Englishman Redknapp who guided the Whites to 4th position in the EPL last season commented on Gallas’ signing, “He's a no-brainer on a free transfer”
He added, “He's never asked for big money here. The chairman's agreed a one-year contract with him and the wages are more than reasonable”.



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