Denver Broncos Executive John Elway understands concerns about QB Peyton Manning's health

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Denver Broncos Executive John Elway understands concerns about QB Peyton Manning's health
Ever since quarterback Peyton Manning signed up to join the Denver Broncos this offseason analysts and fans continue to worry about the veteran quarterback’s health.
Manning missed the whole of the 2011 season following surgery on his neck and was subsequently released by the Indianapolis Colts.
The four-time Most Valuable Player (MVP) had many suitors but chose the Denver Broncos as his new team during this year.
Now he is gearing up for his first season outside of Indianapolis and is performing well in practice with great praise about his accuracy and throwing ability being delivered to the media by his teammates.
Denver Broncos executive vice president of football operations John Elway himself continues to remain confident on Manning’s ability to deliver but in a recent interview said he understands why these questions about his health keep coming.
Speaking in an interview with the National Football League (NFL) official website he said:
"The bottom line is, everybody's going to see it when we finally get going."
Adding further he said:
"He looked great in OTAs and the minicamps. But until people understand that he can take a hit and watch him play the game, those questions are not going to go away. But everybody feels comfortable, especially Peyton, about where he is."
There is still time before the regular season kicks off and fans get to see what really Manning can deliver on the field.
However, Broncos fans have never been this confident in their team’s ability to challenge for the Super Bowl.
With Manning leading the offence the fans know that the rest of the team has a great chance to push for the postseason and even lift the Lombardi Trophy.
Elway though is trying to calm fans down and said during the interview that Manning alone cannot win the team a Championship and they need to find the right balance to build a Super Bowl winning team.
He said:
"One guy doesn't win a world championship for you, even though he gives you a h**l of a chance to be able to compete... My job is to get the best quality people around him, the best coaches to give us the opportunity to win a world championship.”
All eyes will be on Manning and the Broncos when the regular season finally begins.



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