David Villa’s brace inspires Barcelona to a 3-1 win over Alaves in the Copa

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The record holding Spanish striker scored twice in the 2nd leg of the tie to ensure Barcelona’s progression to the next round of the Copa Del Rey.
A prolific David Villa got his name twice to the score sheet as he rubberstamped the Catalan’s progression into the last 16 of the Copa Del Rey.
The first leg was held at Alaves home a while back, where they were comprehensively beaten 3-1 by the Catalan outfit.
The second leg took place last night in Camp Nou, as wanted to finish off the task and seal its progression to the next round of the Copa.
The home side were however left stunned and hopes of a comeback rose in the away supporter’s camps as Alaves took an early lead in the 17th minute.
After a defensive mix-up in the Barcelona defence, Alaves’ Viguera pounced on the chance and took it perfectly as he gave the visitors a shock lead at Camp Nou after 17 minutes. was seen at fault for the first goal as he was accused of giving possession far too easily. The Brazilian paid off his debt as he finished off a fine move involving Thiago, ten minutes before the break.
The goal knocked out the set of good play often shown by the away side in the starting 35 minutes of the first period and they looked set to avoid damage limitation, once their feeble hopes of a comeback were destroyed.
The tie was effectively settled, 11 minutes into the 2nd half, as scored a fabulous free kick which was destined for the top corner of the Alaves goal. Herrera was well beaten and could do nothing to stop the beautiful free kick.
Alaves once again caused unrest as they scored immediately after the restart, but the goal stood disallowed, courtesy of a controversial offside call by the lines man. The replays showed otherwise.
Barcelona took full advantage of the dubious decision and finished off the game immediately as David Villa finished easily after some neat work by Tello. It was his second goal of the game and the brace confirmed a slot for Barcelona in the last 16 of the



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