Dani Alves likely to be awarded a contract

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Dani Alves likely to be awarded a contract
The new La Liga season has started, as Barcelona successfully launched their campaign by comfortably winning their first match. Behind all this success of the Catalan giants, Dani Alves, the Brazilian right back, played a very important role.
However, he is still waiting for Pep Guardiola to offer him new terms to consolidate his future at Barcelona. Dani Alves came to Barcelona in 2008, on a four year contract. Right now, there are almost two years left on the contract, while the Brazilian is expecting new offers soon. However, no such offers have been made, up till now, which has created speculations about his future at Barcelona.
On the other hand, Alves said that he would not be worrying about such a thing, because he seems hopeful that a contract will definitely be offered to him. Dani Alves has had two great seasons with the Catalan giants. He won two league titles with his team, while he played incredibly well, on many occasions, for Barcelona.
In his first season at Camp Nou, Pep Guardiola, Barcelona’s coach, and his team won an incredible treble. After that victory, the Catalans did not stop and continued their winning streak, by winning three more titles, including two Super Cups and the Club World Cup as well. In the next season, Barcelona regained their championship in La Liga, but they failed to defend the other two titles. In all this success, Dani Alves played a very considerable role for his team. He played at the position of right back, but he was widely known for his attacking.
During the last season, Alves made 10 assists in La Liga, and scored three goals. In the first match of this season, Alves showed his incredible skills by delivering the key cross to David Villa, who converted for his first goal in his league debut. Recently, he has been taking some free-kicks for Catalans as well, but he still needs to improve his conversion rate.
On the contrary, Dani Alves does not perform his defensive duties in the same manner. Due to his eagerness in attack, Alves often moves out of his defensive position, leaving a lot of space behind. Barcelona’s opponents have often exploited this weakness, but Alves is still a vital part of the team. He works very hard, and covers a lot of distance during Barcelona matches. Due to his exceptional work rate, he is termed as a genuine South American full back.
Nonetheless, despite his qualities, Alves could not make it to the starting line-up of Brazil’s squad in the 2010 World Cup. Brazil have Maicon in their squad, who is better than Alves in defence, and almost as good as Alves in attack. Due to these qualities, Maicon plays for Brazil in the right back position. However, Dunga admired the attacking qualities of Alves, and played him in the right midfield position. But, he had little success in South Africa, as he did not fit well in his new position.
In the current tactics employed by Barcelona’s Pep Guardiola, defending does not carry as much importance as attacking. He is a true follower of the principle ‘the best defence is always attack’. So, Dani Alves plays a very big role in Guardiola’s game plans, as the main focus is on attacking. As Guardiola plays a passing-style game, Dani Alves provides the necessary width for his team, in the absence of a genuine right midfielder. The defence, on the other hand, is strengthened by the presence of a strong defensive midfielder, who plays a little role in attacking. Therefore, it is quite likely that a new contract will be offered to Dani Alves, as players like him are very hard to replace. The Brazilian though will have to remain patient for a while, as Guardiola remained busy in the transfer market, and signed Javier Mascherano during the last moments. As the deadline has passed now, Guardiola will again start focusing on his current squad.



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