Commissioner Roger Goodell says no problem with hiring of Bill Parcells by New Orleans Saints - NFL News

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Commissioner Roger Goodell says no problem with hiring of Bill Parcells by New Orleans Saints - NFL News
The National Football League (NFL) will have no problem with New Orleans Saints hiring a new coach even though appeals for coach, Sean Payton, and general manager, Mickey Loomis, are yet to happen.
The news comes direct from NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, who on Monday talked to the media at the opening of a new NFL Store.
The Saints are likely to hire future Hall of Famer and retired coach, Bill Parcells for an interim one year period as Payton serves his suspension for involvement in the bounty scandal.
Goodell said.
"That's their decision. They need to make those decisions and we'll move forward," 
Adding further he praised Parcells as a competitor and said he would bring something different to the league with his experience.
"Bill's a great coach, and I'm sure will add a lot of personality and intrigue. And he's as competitive as they get so I'm sure he'll do a good job."
The Saints received severe punishments for running an illegal bounty program in their defensive roster which paid players for injuring opponents.
The scandal ran for three seasons including the Saints 2009 run to the Super Bowl. The NFL suspended Sean Payton for a year for his role in the scandal while also suspending Loomis and assistant coach Joe Vitt for eight and six games respectively.
The NFL was expected to hear the appeals from both Payton and Loomis on Tuesday at its New York headquarters but the Saints have asked for delaying the hearings.
Goodell though still expects the hearings to take place during this week and expedite the decision as quickly as possible.
"Part of it depends exactly when the appeal is going to be, and second of all what information comes up in the appeal,"
The Saints ended the 2011-12 regular season 13-3 and reached the playoff rounds thanks to quarterback Drew Brees’ brilliant performance while also being determined in defence.
However, their achievements have now been marred by the revelations that players were paid $ 1,000 to $ 1,500 to injure or knockout opponents during the game.
It remains to be seen what decisions the NFL reaches with the appeals but it looks highly unlikely that the league would overturn any of its punishments.



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