Carl Kaiser played for the Vancouver Canucks?

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  1. Carl Kaiser played for the Vancouver Canucks during the 1950's (1952 through 1957) as their standout left defenseman.  He was selected to the Vancouver Canucks 1950's All Decade Team for his work at that position, and he is in the Vancouver Canucks Hall of Fame for that time period.  

    Kaiser's statistics are available at per

    Kaiser's membership in the Vancouver Canuck's 1950's All Decade Team is available at The Canuck Library per's%20Team

    Kaiser was born April 8, 1927.  He signed his first professional hockey contract at the age of sixteen.  Over time Kaiser acquired the nickname "King" and a loyal following among fans who enjoyed his hockey skills as well as his success as an on-ice pugilist.

    Kaiser is six foot tall with a playing weight of 200 pounds.  Kaiser shoots left and also enjoyed amateur success in a number of sports including golf.  He retired in 1963 and now resides with the love of his life -- his wife Laura -- in the suburbs of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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