Can kobe bryant dunk?

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Can kobe bryant dunk?




  1. yes, he is one of the better dunkers in the league.

  2. Rain- Kobe is a former NBA slam dunk champion!  Yes, he dunks often!


  3. OMG...

    Kobe Dunks!!!

    lol XD

    He is a dunking masterpiece.


  4. omg yahh :| haha wow !!

  5. yes he can definitely dunk. if you are referring to some of his missed dunks and other shots in the olympics, we can probably attribute it to fatigue since he played throughout nba season up to the finals. he is also scheduled to have surgery on his injured finger after the olympics. i also notice that he is playing almost ' outside ' the team usa game in the sense that he is looking to make his own shots, instead of his teammates feeding him ( unlike kobe's play of looking to pass to his teammates like lebron wade and howard ), hence, he exerts more effort in his shot attempts plus it is more difficult to score individually against a set defense. overall it could confuse the opposition ( when is he passing when is he shooting ) and could draw the defense on him and free his teammates. the downside of this however is that he may be forcing some of his shots as he has to decide at last second to pass or shoot.

  6. Naaw! He Can't; Did you know He can't Walk Either And Someone Has To Feed Him He Spends Most Of His Life In A Wheel Chair He Doesn't Even Think Of Dunking, So Sad  

  7. Of course he can dunk and quite amazingly too. He has also won a slam dunk contest.

  8. Yes.

  9. like please tell me what kind of question is dis or should i question u if this is even a question nuff said

  10. The best dunker of all-time =)

  11. can u figure out how to use your BRAIN!!

  12. no not really, he can barely touch rim............NO DUH KOBE CAN DUNK!!!!

    WTF R U???

  13. do you know kobe bryant? what a silly question..of course he dunks...thats why his popular and classy..thats what made you know him...

  14. you know that most b-ball players can dunk right

  15. what a dumb question

    no **** he can dunk  

  16. lol haha yeah thats like asking if ladainian tomlinson can run lol

  17. He has lost some of his leaping ability throughout the years but can still dunk.  He wont win any slam dunk championships but can dunk.
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