Better command gets A. J. Burnett second victory with New York Yankees

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Better command gets A. J. Burnett second victory with New York Yankees
In what was the third and final game of the series, the New York Yankees took on the Minnesota Twins. The encounter pinned two great pitchers against each other.
Allan James Burnett faced off with the Twinkies’ Francisco Liriano. Both players had a point to prove and there was always going to be one winner. Fortunately for Burnett, the game tilted his way.
Liriano came in to the game with a defeat on the cards. However, Burnett was coming in with a victory under his belt. The seam hurler had taken out the Detroit Tigers on Saturday, while harbouring an illness. The premier starter was right on target as he
managed to get the victory in six innings of play over the American League Central team.
The ball thrower had a lot to take out of the game. He not only did a good job with his fastball and his mercenary curveballs, but he pitched changeup deliveries to an effective measure.
"He worked his fastball good, got a lot of strikes with his fastball, got ahead in the count with it", said Yankees’ backstop, Russell Martin. "But I think his best pitch today was his changeup. When he fell behind in the counts, he could throw it to lefties.
He keeps his changeup down, so it works well with his fastball".
The ace had a point to prove and he was pretty much stunned himself over his pitch with the change up. He consulted pitching coach, Larry Rothschild, after he teed up a Joe Mauer dismissal.
"I came in and I asked Larry, 'Did I throw Mauer a 3-1 changeup"? Burnett said "And I did. I've said all along it's a big pitch for me, and hopefully this year I can use it more".
Burnett is planning to move his 2–0 status to a much higher one.
The hurler stressed on consistency being the right way for him to move forward. He told the reporters that he needs to concentrate more on getting the work done with a balance, while continuously pitching and focusing. The thing he said he was trying to
avoid was thinking about it.



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