Baltimore Orioles fight back 4-1 to level series against Boston Red Sox – MLB Update

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Baltimore Orioles fight back 4-1 to level series against Boston Red Sox – MLB Update
Baltimore Orioles gave another promising performance as they fought past Boston Red Sox 4-1 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland on Tuesday, May 22 in the second game of their three match series of the 2012 Major League Baseball regular
Steve Tolleson looked extremely comfortable on the plate as he homered in the second inning to give the Orioles a crucial 2-0 lead.
Wilson Betemit, once again, showed his class and composure as he homered to right in the eighth to secure an epic win for his team. Credit must be give to the starting pitcher Brian Matusz who pitched with great control and accuracy to set up the series
levelling win for Baltimore. After he handed the baseball to the Manager Buck Showalter and headed towards the dugout, the crowd gave him standing ovation.
In a display of some high quality throwing skills, the left hander gave up just two hits and struck out nine in six solid innings. Matusz’s miraculous effort gave American League East leading Orioles their sixth win in eight games and it will be interesting
to see if they continue their excellent form in the finale to wrap up another series victory. For the Red Sox, the only run scored came in the fourth inning when Kevin Youkilis homered to centre.
"I had chills going through my body," he said. "It's such a great feeling to see the fans on their feet like that. You know, it really means a lot to have the support of the fans behind us. It's a pretty special feeling."
"I've come a long way since last year, when it was the opposite, when people were on their feet booing," he said. "It's really special to be able to work as I have and be able to come back and get back to being my normal self and be able to see the support
from the fans."
The Orioles will be very pleased to level the series after they were outclassed by the Red Sox in the opening game. Throughout this season, Buck Showalter and company have showed us that they have an incredible bounceback ability.



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