Bakery name ideas?

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I need a name for a bakery my family friends just opened. They asked me to come up with a few ideas. Nothing i can think of seems right so i was wondering if anyone could help me. They will be selling a lot of cakes since one of them is a professional cake designer. If someone could help, i'd really appreciate it. Thanks!




  1. please i really need a name for my bakery for my project can anyone help.??i need something not mentioned here.thank u

  2.  meow meow bakery :)

    2. Professor Cake

    4. Cakeman

    6. Cakes & Cakes


  3. cookie monster :)

  4. sweetie pie

  5. Sweet Things Cakery!

    La Sweet Pea!

    The Cherry on top!

    and anything with cakery!!




  6. the little pink bakery

    just add some sprinkles

  7.  Forgot to mention another good name i.e. BAKEMASTER.

  8.  BAKEMAN and BAKEWELL are good names for Bakery

  9.  culinary creations .

  10. capchino bakers...

  11. custsries!!!!

  12. Baby Cakes Bakery

    The little cake boss Bakery

    The Muffin Man Bakery


  13. nattycakes

  14. nattycakes

  15. Persons name, and this....exp.    Paige'Z  ~ DeSign'Z

  16.  Bread Bazar 

    Hot bread basket

    fresh taste cookies

    By imtaiz ali sandhu

  17.  Bread Bazar 

    Hot bread basket

    fresh taste cookies

    By imtaiz ali sandhu

  18. Cupcake Couture :)

  19. "The Cookie Oven."

  20. heart of the tart ~srry i had to use urs but i like it short with this hope u dont mind if i use ur wonderful idea :Guest13975502 !!! ok


  21.  The cookie jar

  22. The bread basket


    Great Grains

  23. nahh

  24. the icing on the cake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!       try that out!

  25. Happy Endings Bakery
    The Happy Baker
    Honeycakes Bakery
    Golden Ticket Bakery
    Palatable Pastries
    Bliss Bakery
    Sweet & Savory Bakery
    Sweet Sayings Bakery

  26. Takes the Cake...

    Piece O' Cake

    Cake An Eat It

  27. i would maybe not use bakeria kinda sounds like diaariahh just sayin
    ps i cant spell worth a c**p(:


  29. I am trying to find names to

  30. see  i have the same problem also and i want to open a cupcake/cake bakery but i want something about cupcakes in the name, and i want it to cute and creative but i cannot think of anything....any ideas??

  31. Sweetpea's

    Cookie jar

    the mixing bowl

    heart of the tart

  32. Diabetics House of Torture
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