Availability of reiki classes in chennai!?

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address and telephone number of ppl who handle reiki healing classes in chennai.




  1. Reiki Secrets – Demystified

    The secrets of Reiki system are enumerated below:-

    1. The secret is that there is no secret. It is like an open book. Anybody can draw energy from the open environment (Cosmic) since is available in abundance.

    2. The Reiki formula:- Energy + Thought = Result

    3. The methodologies do not count in Reiki

    4. Reiki does not work when the value system has changed.

    5. Reiki energy follows the laws of nature.

    6. The only secret is:- Practice! Practice! Practice!

    7. Reiki energy follows thought. Thought wave is electromagnetic and travels much faster than light. Cosmic energy causes transformation.

    8. Everyone is born with Reiki energy within themselves.

    9. Reiki healing power develops as you practice self healing and healing on others.

    10. All the different types of Reiki follow the same principle but with little additions / modifications it. The simpler it is, the energy flow will be better.

    If one understands the above, he will become a perfect Reiki healer.

    11. It the practitioners of Reiki feel that the symbols of Reiki interferes with their religious belief, the symbols need not be practiced. Instead, the mantras, slokas, quotes from their holy books can be chanted.




    P.Balasubramanian,B.E.M.Sc.(Heat Power Engg).,F.I.E.(India).,

    Chairman and Managing Director,Seperation Engineers Private limited(SEPL),a BEE accredited Energy auditing firm.

    Author of "How to make money through Energy auditing-1500 pages" &"Energy auditing made simple" Book and other 8 books on "energy neuro programming"(4 in English and 4 in Tamil).The most popular ones are "Future with Nature,Light the lamp of success and Cosmic road map of success, Reiki Secrets Revealed"

    BEE Certified Energy auditor(EA-408) and B.O.E from Tamilnadu Govt., BEE/MEDA/TNEB/CREDA/EMC/PEDA/IDBI approved auditors.RTI/Human Rights/Civil Rights Activist.

    Founder of e-np(energy neuro programing),Does counselling and support for all problems(Physical,personal,mental,emotional,legal) using e-np as service world wide and holds a Doctorate in Alternate Medicine.

    Age:64 yrs,35 years experience in s**c,BHEL,ARAMCO,SEPL.20 years in service to humanity

    ADDRESS:13/5,Masilamani Colony,Mylapore,Chennai-600004,India,ph:00914424991234



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