Automatic Number ID subterfuge - Caller ID Blocking farce - Q's:?

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Why are businesses allowed to have ANI without our knowledge? Why don't THEY TOO automatically have a message stating they don't accept private calls? Why doesn't everyone complain about this invasion of privacy?

Also, if I dial via an access number, what appears on recipient's ID? My number? Or the access number?




  1. We really have no privacy, Our government and current administration has seen to that.  Of course we let them, much without our knowledge.

    I realized this when I called my bank and they knew who I was before telling them.

    My outgoing calls are supposedly permanently blocked.

    I pay for additional service called Privacy Plus!  my ****!

    The telco told me that the bank was within their legal right due to some BS and uttered some type of Homeland Security BS blah blah GW Weed.

    As for your other question, when you dial through an access # they see the access ID not yours.  YET!  

    Hope this helped, and thanks for listening to rant as well!

  2. simple! they PAY for the service. If you want to do the same, pay for it.

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