Australian Army Assessment Interview,?

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Im going for RAinf so i was wondering if any1 can tell me what should i expect to be asked and how would i answer these questions from my interviewer?




  1. They'll ask you about the job you're applying for and your knowledge of the Defence Force just to check you've done your research. Stuff like:

    - How long will you be enlisted for?

    - What sort of equipment will you be using?

    - Who is the current Chief of Defence Force?

    - Where could you be posted? (in your case, Townsville, Darwin or Sydney)

    - What is the job of a Rifleman? (Take and hold ground, kill or capture the enemy, provide security, etc)

    Expect to be asked lots of questions about yourself, too. Things like:

    - What are your hobbies?

    - Why do you want to go in as a Rifleman?

    - Why do you want to join the Defence Force?

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