Atlanta Braves beat New York Mets 9-4 in Grapefruit League encounter - MLB Update

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Atlanta Braves beat New York Mets 9-4 in Grapefruit League encounter - MLB Update
Dan Uggla strikes three hits for three RBIs to help the Atlanta Braves to a 9-4 win against New York Mets at Champion Stadium in Kissimmee, Florida during their Spring Training Grapefruit League clash on March 23, 2012.
Even as the Braves won, Mike Minor was unable to keep his scoreless streak during Spring Training intact. Intending to run through their batters after being full of confidence by his Spring Training performances, he was taken on at his very start.
Scheduled to pitch for six innings, he was withdrawn even before he can complete his fifth inning. He gave up two earned runs, four walks while getting three strike-outs.
"It seemed like the whole time I was in a jam," Minor said. "I figure I need one of these days during spring training where I don't have everything together and get practice. It was good practice going through the struggles. Better to do it now than in the
regular season."
As the Mets were well in control in their beginning, let off by their pitchers and fielders later in the innings cost them the defeat. In the fifth, Mets tied the game with two runs before they were to be immediately superseded in the same inning.
Misery for Mets was due to their less number of hits generated by their batters. Even their loaded bases went useless as no activity was forthcoming from the plate. Only Vinny Rottino and Mike Baxter were to produce few hits to give Mets a boost.
Baxter came across two at-bats and while hitting twice he made his strikes worthwhile as two RBIs also came along. Mets’ third baseman, Rottino faced four at-bats and brought one RBI from two hits he was able to connect.
Lucas Duda led Braves in their path from a tie to a thumping victory in the end. He struck three hits in four at-bats and completed two runs. Braves' infielder Martin Prado also asserted his presence in the game as he scored one run, hammered two hits in
four at-bats and contributed two RBIs.
Braves now look improved in Spring Training as they have recorded their seventh victory. From there onwards they can try to re-enforce the kind of momentum they picking up with.



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