Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere confirms Fabio Capello’s eagerness to emulate Barcelona

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Arsenal’s confirms Fabio Capello’s eagerness to emulate Barcelona
England international and Arsenal’s midfielder, Jack Wilshere, has revealed that the Three Lions' manager, Fabio Capello wants his team to base their style of play on Barcelona. He praised the way approach their game and the way they press forward.
The 19-year-old mentioned that Capello has been quite instrumental ever since he has taken over this job. He said that the manager made the entire team sit and take a look at the videos of the Spanish giants in order to apply the same methods during the game against Wales.
England took on Wales on Saturday, the 26 of March at Cardiff. The Three Lions won the game by a 2-0 margin, courtesy strikes. It seemed as if Capello’s plan worked out after England registered two early goals against Wales which were enough to defeat the Welsh.
Talking to the media, Wilshere said, “We watched some videos of Barcelona and the way they pressed their opponents, we tried to do it like them against Wales. We pressed high and the idea was to get some early goals – and we got them.”
He claimed that Barcelona are the best side in world at the moment and the way they press forward and pass the ball is a treat to watch. He confirmed watching Barcelona's videos prior to that game against Wales helped them a lot in more than one way and that they would like to copy their game in the future.
Arsenal’s teenage sensation added, “That made it comfortable for ourselves. Barcelona are the best in the world at pressing other teams and we have to learn from teams like that. At my age I am always learning and I can learn from players like that.”
England played Wales in a Euro 2012 qualifier on Saturday and now Fabio Capello’s side have their eyes fixed upon a friendly fixture against Ghana. Wilshere hoped that the team would carry on the momentum from the Wales game and England, on the other hand, will keep on following the tracks of the Catalan side.



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