Arsenal set to increase ticket prices by 6.5 percent next season – Premier League news

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Arsenal set to increase ticket prices by 6.5 percent next season – Premier League news
Arsenal have confirmed that they intend upon increasing the ticket prices by 6.5 percent with effect from the start of the next Barclays Premier League campaign.
While the home crowd has been subjected to constant disappointment in the trophy department as the North London side has failed to win a single piece of silverware since their memorable win against Manchester United in the FA Cup final in 2005, the club
insists that the hike in ticket prices has been implemented after thorough consideration. It was further stated that the increment was in line with the 2.5 percent rise in Value Added Tax and Inflation.
However, despite the club’s stance, chief executive Gazidis has offered to review the matter despite its imminent implementation in the 2011-12 Premier League season.
Touching upon how tough a call it was to make after keeping the prices somewhat constant in the past, the chief executive commented, “We thought about this increase, the first in three seasons, very carefully. We fully understand fans are facing rising costs
in many areas of their lives and their club faces the same issues.”
Gazidis further added, “We have acted responsibly over the years to balance the impact of even inflationary increases on our fans with the rightful demand that we compete at the highest level and we will continue to do so.”
In line with the seating arrangements at the Emirates, it has further been announced that 500 additional seats are set to be made available for the ‘Red Members.’ In the past, a total of 1500 seats served that purpose.
The chief executive concluded on a somewhat diplomatic note as he urged the Gunners’ fans to give their constant feedback to enable him and the Arsenal board of directors to continue serving the fans in the ‘best possible’ way in the future. He further highlighted
the importance of a clear two-way communication between the two parties.
The Arsenal fans have already been left frustrated after another poor showing on the field. The effect of the price hike on the already ‘irritated’ fans remains to be seen.



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